Friday, June 8, 2018

I miss the beach

Being in LA for the afternoon and going down to Venice Beach is exciting for me. A beautiful day, warm (80s) with a light breeze, I walked around a bit and then went for a run. Had to pound concrete as the beach was too crowded and the tide was coming in, so nowhere good to run near the water.

Still, I enjoyed the trip down from the North end to the Muscle Beach gym. I was hoping to get out there and lift in the morning, but they don’t open until 8, and I’ve got work commitments.

Still, it was wonderful to be down at the beach, and remember that lifestyle. Not sure I would want to do it fulltime, but I like visiting. Seeing everyone laying out, biking, running, on scooters, all the various permutations of wheeled vehicles, California is something special.

Even the drive back to the hotel, stop signs and small houses, different designs, crowded together, but open lots of open air to enjoy the sunshine, it’s an amazing place.

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