Thursday, May 31, 2018

Running in the South

I landed in Nashville today, my first time in Tennessee. Actually, I’ve driven and flown through the state, but never been in the city or stopped to do more than get gas. This feels like my first real trip to the state.

I’m here for Music City Tech. A friend asked me to come and got my company to sponsor, so I was looking forward to the event. It’s a 3 day conference, and I landed late today after a wonderful delay with my plane. It’s fine, if they need to replace parts, I’d just as soon stay on the ground.

I spent the afternoon in a session playing with Docker, which I’ve wanted to do. I started working on a session with this, as it’s relevant to my work, but wanted to see how others present the tech, so I spent a few hours watching a friend present.

Then it was a little break to work and workout. I decided to switch the order, and get a workout in easy and then cool down at the desk. I’ve been spending too much time indoors, with schedule pressure, habits from the winter, and wind in Denver. Today I decided to run outside and give my Forerunner 645 a test.

I scanned a map and then decided to just run around Vanderbilt University, where I’m speaking the next couple days. It’s a nice campus, contained near downtown, but really it’s own little area with fences and fairly visible boundaries. It’s also lush and green, in a way that reminds me of Virginia, though smaller. I ran from the hotel through campus and around the stadiums.

2018-05-31 17_11_10-Garmin Connect

Not too fast, but a good workout. With the watch, I could wear bluetooyh headphones and run without cords or my phone. That’s really nice as my phone is somewhat large to carry on a run. The watch pings me on every mile, which isn’t great for me since I rarely do more than 2, but it was nice to have it let me know when I hit the mark.

It’s warm, humid, but beautiful here and it’s really nice to run around campus. Makes me jealous of Delaney and his opportunity to live on a campus in Boulder.

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