Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Too Quiet

Tia and Kendall left for Boston last night, off to visit colleges. I wish I would go, but I’m a bit buried at work. Too much time off lately and behind, plus practice with my volleyball team has me here.

Today was weird. Tia is gone lots of days, but not all day. Today I was home, by myself, and it was odd. That hasn’t happened in a long time. Usually kids are here at some point. Instead, me, the dogs and the cats hung out. They were good and I got them out a few times, but I think I need to do more tomorrow.

As it was, stuck at my desk, I felt odd and alone. I managed to get through the day, then hit yoga, which was good for me. Hard, but good. However, by the time I got home, Kyle was done for the day and I was cooking a Sun Basket alone and watching a little Netflix.

Then, of course, because no one is here with me, I worked a bit. In fact, I went over the presentation I need to give tomorrow and practiced at 9:00pm.

Balance for me is a hard day like today, and likely tomorrow, and then a short day Thursday with volleyball practice.

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