Thursday, December 28, 2017

First day on the mountain

Finally I made it up to the mountains for the first day of snowboarding this season. I’ve been wanting to go, and I have had a few chances, but there has been so little snow and few runs open that I haven’t wanted to take the time away from life. Especially with a bunch of travel this fall.

However, it’s a slow week, almost no one is asking for things from the UK, so I’m on my own schedule. With that in mind, fresh snow from Tuesday, and sunny weather, I headed up yesterday. Delaney was supposed to go with me, but he stayed up too late and was tired.

It was a nice day, sunny, not too cold (about 25F) and not too windy at first. Also not too crowded, which was nice. I rarely was in a line, and then often only 4 or 5 people deep.

The snow wasn’t great. Packed down, icy in places, and I had a nice fall early, but I found a rarely used black run with lots of moguls and stuck there for 3-4 runs. I’d work in the trees, by myself, music playing, enjoying the bumps.

I even worked a bit, listening to a Pluralsight course and learning a few things during a 3-4 run stretch.

Three and a half hours, 11 runs later, I was tired and hungry. I headed back, returning home in time to get a little work done last night.

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