Monday, October 16, 2017

A Productive Fall Weekend

This was a weekend off, and without any big plans, it might have been relaxing. Instead, it was packed with things. A “lay in”, as my British colleagues would say, on Saturday was nice. I rarely sleep in, so that was good.

Without plans, I took advantage of the open day to attend a First Aid class put on by the county. It was basic trauma, first responder information, but good to know. I’ve been wanting to do this, so I went. No cert, and no real practice, but some good, basic information to build a better kit to be ready for issues. Since we’re on a ranch, it’s good to know this. Tia has been through some training, but I need some. Or want some.

Then I came home to no projects. Actually I had things to do outside, but it was so windy that I decided to skip them. After a little lunch, I decided to pull apart the garbage disposal. It hasn’t drained well, and one thing to check is the outtake pipe. I did that, and it was gross, but almost empty. The disposal, however, had lots of gunk inside and looked like the out connection was cracked.

So I decided this was the project. I looked around a bit for research, then drove to Home Depot and got another one. I pulled everything out from under the sink and get the old out out. I attached a cord and was ready to move forward, but hadn’t bought plumper’s putty. We had an old jar, but it was too dried out. My project ended there, and I decided to relax.

After yoga Sunday morning, I completed the quickest Home Depot trip ever. In, grabbing putty, self paying, and out in less than 5 minutes. A personal best. I managed to return home, putty the flange and install the garbage disposal in about 20 minutes. Complete before volleyball practice.

I have to say it works well in testing Sunday and this morning, but I wasn’t sure it was working. It’s so quiet compared to the old one. It is working, and there aren’t any clogs. It’s kind of amazing, and people can talk while I clean up now. The $179 v the $79 cheapo loud one is worth it.

After volleyball I returned home and handled some chores. Cut the front and back, cleaned and cut the dog area, and replaced batteries in the weather station. Now I get to see if that is back up and working.

A good day, leaving me with a sore back and sore elbow for my efforts.

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