Saturday, September 2, 2017

Chores, chores, chores

It’s a busy fall at the ranch. I went out to rework the front gate electric fence. Uma left yesterday, and the charger didn’t seem to be working. I think it was in too much shade when we just got it set before India, so I disconnected the charger, which wasn’t working, moved it on the other side of the fence in the sun, and let it charge.

After the gym, it was hot, so I reconnected things.

Now it’s grass time. I need to get the dog area clean, and do the front again with fertilizer as a last cut before winter. The front is growing somewhat crazy with sprinklers working well this year.

However, I wanted a little break, so I came inside and ordered brake parts for the BMW. After doing the parts and helping the guy do the Suburban, I don’t think I want to pay a local company $500-600 to do my brakes and rotors. Ordered parts for $210, and they’ll come while I’m traveling. Hopefully I can get things fixed then next week or the following one around Tia’s clinic. I’m down to about 500 miles on the warning sensor, so I need to get things done.

Tomorrow the plan is to get the mower tires off and the bead broken on one. If I can clean things up, hopefully it will seal and I can knock that off the list. I also need some time in Tia’s arena to clean up the edges more and get rid of weeds before her clinic. That won’t be fun with a 91F day planned, but I need to spend a couple hours at least getting things done.

Then it’s a week off, traveling, with lots and lots of meetings.

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