Wednesday, August 30, 2017

The Last Swims

This is my last week to swim outside. The pool will close after Labor Day, though I’ll be flying away for work on Monday, so it doesn’t matter. I’ve enjoyed swimming more this summer, often 2x a week as I had some leg issues. I’ve felt strong, and while I haven’t been tracking time, I’ve gone from working through 20 laps, 2 at a time to knocking off 36 last week in sets of 10, 14, 12.

Yesterday was a disappointment, as I was out of breath. I think I’m slightly worn out after a busy weekend, a hard cycle class Monday night, and I couldn’t get through 2-3 laps without going to every other breath. The few times I got to 4 laps I struggled, and eventually gave up after 22. A disappointing swim in the warm afternoon.

Going to try and go again tomorrow and Saturday to close out the season, before I head back inside during the cooler weather.

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