Friday, January 27, 2017

The Cleanse

Tia and I have tried various diets over the years, some working better than others. Lately I’ve been feeling my age, and a bit heavy. When I stopped running every day after this past year, I could feel some weight gain. Despite hitting the gym, I’m up about 10 pounds. Plus I haven’t eaten great over the holidays.

This week we decided to try a 10 day cleanse. I wasn’t sure how this would go, but Tia talked me into it and she’s handling the load of making smoothies. It’s not a bit load, because it’s once a day.

We each get a smoothie to drink during the day. As Tia would say, we get 3, but she makes about 64 oz (doesn’t seem that big to me) for each of us and we put it in a jar. This is what I get for a day.

Photo Jan 27, 3 55 04 PM

I can supplement it with some snacks, and I do. I get grapes, nuts, eggs, carrots, bell peppers, and unsweetened peanut butter. At least, those are the items I’ve been using.

After almost three days, it’s not bad. Not good, and I’m not enjoying it, but I’m surviving. Actually doing better than I expected. I try not to snack too much, drinking lots of water and sticking to grapes and vegetables rather than eggs and nuts, but I need some. Still lightly hitting the gym.

The biggest shock for me is no coffee. I’ve had decaf tea (detox and green), but I miss coffee. Every morning I get a little sad when I realize I can’t have any.

We’ll see what happens after 10 days. Hope I lose some weight before I travel.

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